Napa Art Walk

Napa Art Walk

Napa Sonoma Supply made its debut at the Art Walk in downtown Napa, marking a memorable event. With the backdrop of Super Bowl weekend, Napa Valley basked in the radiant sunlight, enticing crowds to the Mustard Festival and Art Walk.

While football frenzy swept the town, a distinct buzz filled the air. Art enthusiasts, often accompanied by their four-legged companions, strolled through the charming streets, marveling at the local talent's creations. Alongside, retailers tantalized taste buds with mustard-infused delights, while Napa Sonoma Supply catered to both human and canine desires with our unique gifts.

Amidst the festivities, a sense of unity flourished, bringing together residents and visitors in celebration of creativity, flavor, and the promise of more perfect, beautiful weekends ahead.

Anticipation already builds for the next event. Explore a taste of our curated artist selections from Wendy and Rebecca below, and contact us via email for a closer look at our full collection of curated gifts.

Rebecca Boyd Anderson

Wendy Walter

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