Gentleman Farmers Wines

Gentleman Farmers Wines

Hold onto your taste buds, folks, because the Gentleman Farmer Bungalow is here to rock your culinary world! Located right smack in the heart of Downtown Napa, this ain't your grandma's bungalow – it's a reimagined 1926 California Craftsman pad, and it's officially open for business! 

The Bungalow by Gentleman Farmer is where the magic happens, or should we say, where the flavors of magic and merriment collide. This swanky spot is like a VIP club for members of the Gentleman Farmer Wine Club Collective and their lucky invitees. Prepare to embark on a gustatory journey that's out of this world! 

But what can you expect in this wacky wonderland? Well, get ready for private gatherings, salon soirées (fancy talk for fun parties), live music that'll make your hips sway, burlesque shows that will raise your eyebrows (in a good way), and even a sprinkle of magic to keep you guessing. 

Meet the dynamic duo behind it all – vintners Joey Wołosz and Jeff Durham. They're not just wine aficionados; they're storytellers, ready to regale you with tales of their winemaking adventures. And don't worry; their answers to your wine questions won't require a decoder ring – they're keeping it real. 

But hold onto your taste buds (literally), because here's the icing on the cake: Private Hosting! Channel your inner foodie and dive into the Yountville Kitchen experience. They've got breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that'll make your stomach do a happy dance. Jeff and Joey are in charge, and let's just say, their cooking style is more homey than haute cuisine (tweezers are about as rare as a unicorn here). From family recipes to mouthwatering hors d’œuvres, appetizers, and multiple courses (brace yourself for Joey's sweet tooth), it's all perfectly paired with Gentleman Farmer Wines. 

So, whether you're a wine club member or just lucky enough to snag an invite, the Gentleman Farmer Bungalow is where gastronomic well-being meets laughter, libations, and unforgettable experiences. Your taste buds will thank you, and your funny bone will be thoroughly tickled! 

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